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Vintage Trailer Rally at Vail Lake Resort
Temecula, California, July 13-16, 2006

Dayton Taylor of Vintage Trailer Crazy put on a great event at Vail Lake Resort near Temecula, California. This was the first outing for my 1964 Dodge 440 wagon towing the trailer. The car performed great and I was sure glad that the A/C works. The heat for this weekend was very high. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and by time I got my campsite set up, the temperature had risen to 115 degrees in the shade. Fortunately my spot was shady most of the day. At times Julie and I would drive around in the car with the A/C on to cool off.

Unfortunately I lost all the pictures I took except for this one. For more, go to Dayton's photo page.

My friend Jim came down Friday to camp, it only got up to 112 that day. Some people had brought misters to keep cool so I ran off to the store to buy some myself. Ended up buying several extra as so that other campers could stay cool too. The evenings cooled down to about 70 degrees which made it nice to hang out in. There were really a lot of cool trailers there already. Of course if it hadn't been so hot, more people would have shown up.

On Saturday there was a good size hot-rod show out at the resort. The heat took its toll on the show but there were still many nice cars and since we were camping at the resort, we could drive right up to it. There seemed to be some confusing system for letting visitors come to the event but hopefully they'll get that straightened out next year. There were still many people coming through to check out the trailers. As usual, lots of interest in the teardrop trailer and now I have the car to talk about as well.

Since it seemed the heat wasn't going to let up, I decided to pack up Saturday evening and head home early. Julie really doesn't take to the heat that well and she was really ready to go. Looking forward to doing the event again next year if they have it though.

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