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Cabin Car, March 2012
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Yes, this is a Cabin Car. The exterior has been remodeled at some point with aluminum siding and newer style windows.
Hi Nick, this is one of the 1500 cabin cars . I have just been researching it the last couple of days. We have had it for about two years, I knew about it and wanted it for the last six years. I was sure it was from the late forties just because the interior is so vintage looking, you can see where the teardrop shaped windows were and patched when they put the siding on and the modern windows which I think looks like sometime in the seventies. I just removed the tail lights and put new brighter ones on and now realize by looking at the archives that they were the originals.The closets and latches are the exact same. I am glad to have figured out the puzzle. We all love this little big trailer. I gave it to my daughter for her 21st birthday. The kids will be bringing it to Pismo this year. Take care and thanks for the great history.

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