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Cabin Car recollections from Charlotte Popp, August 2012
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Hi, My Father Passed away the end of last year. Have been going through many pictures that my father had from 1963. Per my sister born in 1944, my parents bought this trailer new in the Rochester, New York area. It was used recreationally all over New York state. When not in use, it was garaged at their home in Rochester, NY, on Browncroft Blvd. My Father's pictures do seem to show more details of the 1958 Olds Fiesta station wagon that he loved to mechanic -- than of the trailer our family of four enjoyed.

I was born in 1954. Fellow campers state my sisters and then my diapers used to dry out on the front trailer struts...... To which I said TMI! LOL! In 1954, my Father left Gleason's of Rochester, to take a job position with the then Glen L. Martin Co. in Middle River, Md. My Father lived in the Cabin Car at a trailer park in Middle River, Md. for a year. During that time, he oversaw and helped with the design of our family home, that was being built in Cub Hill, Md.

When the home in Cub Hill was built, our family was united in Balto. My Father built a two and a half car garage with an attic. Once again the Cabin Car was garaged. It was enjoyed for recreational travel all over the east and mid western United States. In 1970, the Cabin Car was sold to a young family who lived in what would now be known as the north Owings Mills area of Baltimore County, Md. I drove by to see it once in the mid 70's. The beautiful exterior wood that we worked hard to maintain, had been painted a metallic silver. My parents drove by it in the early 80's and saw in was still in one piece, but clearly being used as a children's playhouse.

I still remember how each area of the Cabin Car had its own space for every item in the trailer trunk area. It was a designers dream! The couch in the cabin area folded down into a bed for two. At the head of that bed, there was plenty of closet space. Next to the bed, (to right of the entry door), there was a dresser with a writing surface, that had three pull out drawers.Going left to right, there were two swing hammocks where my sister and I slept as youngsters. We slept on top of my parents legs and used to tickle their toes......

My sister and I have enjoyed the pictures on your website and wanted to share what we have found. Take care, Charlotte

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