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1947 Teardrop by Aluminum Trailer Co. from Ebay.

Seller's description:

This is an all original 1947 teardrop camper trailer. If you are looking for a Teardrop Camper to restore, this could be the one. It is looking for a good home. My father bought this trailer in 1975. Since then it has been used numerous times taking my brothers and I on "camping trips". It was used quite often while we owned it. However, it has been sitting in the corner of my father's business for the last 2-3 years collecting dust. It is time to find it a new home.

This camper is ready to be restored. It has the original frame, exterior siding, and kitchen. It has a clear title. The only modifications done to this camper are the trailer tongue has been extended 12 inches to assist with parking and windows have been added to the doors and roof for ventilation. They do not leak. It still has the original wheel bearings, axle and springs. The "icebox" needs restoration, but the gas stove(LP) still works. The flooring in the camper is in excellent shape. It is solid.

Structurally, this vehicle is sound and ready to go! Cosmetically, it will need some restoration and repairs. There are dents in the front corner (passenger side) and fenders, some holes along the bottom in the back on both sides. There are a few holes here and there on the sides.

It was manufacture by Aluminum Trailer Company in Glendale, CA. It has a serial number of 179 and model number V. See the scan for grade and condition.

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